Wind Tunnel

Adaptive wall and ceilings

The rolling road system uses a wheel force measurement system

180mph maximum wind speed is generated

Tests are completed using 60% scale model

A 2.2 MW motor powers the main fan

Up to the limit of 65 tests per week (2015 FIA regualtions)

The Integrated Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system

Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel

Design Office

Race Support


Race Bays

Test and Development Centre

Aerodynamics Office


A cutting edge facility that’s as impressive as it is essential to our success. A 2.2MW motor drives carbon fibre blades which can generate a wind speed of up to 80m/s – a machine so powerful that it’s capable of going 30m/s faster than regulations will allow us to run it. This highly complex facility is paired with sophisticated measurement systems to allow us to meet our allocation of aerodynamic tests in a precise, efficient and cost-effective manner, giving us the insight we need to stay at the top of the sport.